The Klorofil adventures’ episodes

Mini-episodes to discover the Klorofil’s magic land…

Klorofil universes

The Klorofil school

It’s back-to-school time for Klorofil! Callie, the teacher is ready to welcome her pupils, Hugo & Lola.

The Klorofil apple's delight

The Apple Delight, a friendly tea room to spend time with friends!

The Klorofil Magic Tree

Each family lives in a natural area: forest and praires, lakes and rivers... How magical it must be to live in a tree...

The Klorofil Mushroom Surprise

The klorofil are very active: they grow fruits and vegetables, collect honey, make jam and cakes...

The Klorofil Enchanted Park

The Klorofil kids play in nature, which endlessly feeds their imagination. They play long games of hide-and-seek in the bushes, climb trees, dive into lakes and rivers, twirl around in leaves...

The Klorofil hazelnut house

Charles and Ella have come to pay their friends the klorofil a surprise visit. Adter a long trip, the quietly settled in to the hazelnut house without waking a sole.

The Klorofil fantastic waterfall

What a hot day today... Soon all the Klorofil will be heading to the Fantastic Waterfall to cool off and have fun!


The light up Kloro'minies

The sun sets, quickly light the lanterns up to keep playing outside ! Here are the light-up Waterlily, Nut and Raft !

The Klorofil seaplane and tree hut

The Klorofil love going in a new adventure and discovering new landscapes on their Seaplane. Today it's Jack and Tess who get the chance to fly. Liam climbs into the Tree hut to check if the sky is clear and gives the takeoff clearance to Jack, the pilot. Ready? Let's go!


The Klorofil helicopter, quad and side-car

An helicopter, a quad and a sidecar: here are the Kloro'go! Small vehicles, solid and original to go from universe to universe in the magical land of the Klorofil.

The Klorofil cruise ship

All aboard sailor! The Klorofil love sailing between different worlds with their activity and surprise-filled Cruise Ship!